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DJ Frames was started by myself  Neil Rookes. 


we can record your day onto 3D and 2D DVD's with Nikon camera's and HD camcorders, you can watch back all of your day in the comfort of your own home. We sell the DVDs separately in the DVD case you will have two discs one of the movie in High Definition and the other disc has all of your photo's on it so that you can see what the photographer's have taken.

Jordan is the main photographer and video man for all Weddings, Birthdays ,  and proms and children's party's.

DJ Frames Entertainments offers toast masters of ceremonies for all occasions please call for more information.

Serena is a good all round singer for all occasions to start your evening off or back ground  throughout your meal, she covers a wide range of music, please call for more information. 

DJ Frames has dance groups for all types of functions they will get everyone up and dancing and will show there own dance routines and keep everyone going throughout the night.

Amy Westney is a country music singer she is a very good singer for everyday events for birthdays, wedding's and background music

Gemma is a dancer / yoga instructor she is very good at getting people up and going  and keeping fit during long disco's and party's such as the cancer relay's and 24hour events.

Robert Is a professional Magician he is  fantastic at getting everyone involved in all tricks that he does please follow the link to you tube to watch videos.


At the grand summer ball this set up was put together like this so that there was enough light and sound.

HK Audio system for open air events or big shows this system is 12000 watts.

DJ Frames Line array set up for outdoor event pictured is line array system, 50000KW,24 top line array, 24 Subs, all with amps and mixing desk. , there is a smaller 7000kw system for indoor events, or the two systems can be joined to make a large delay playback rig .  Please call for more information and pricing. 

Pictured is people enjoying a LED light  up floor at their party

Dance podiums are also a great effect to have at a hen party or any kind of party both photos show the dance podiums with a 10 foot pole and a white dance podium that stays white.

This picture with two dance pods just white with pole and L.E.D back drop .