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Main set up for very large hall or outside event. as you can see there are  4K  T.V's as well as 2x 3D  projector's 10 foot by 10 foot screen's so you can be filmed while you are dancing and you can see your picture that has been taken on a loop all night. we can also write on the screen who's birthday or wedding day it is so that every one who comes in can see it. And we can display phone text on the big screen.

The light show is very powerful for a L.E.D big event, but in a small place the light show can be made smaller so that it is not too bright. we will always make your day extra special for you. just tell us want you want and we will provide anything you want. We can also supply at your wedding a mirror ball, to make your first dance even more special.

Set up with LED star cloths to add the wow effect to your event.

This is video wall which can display video or photo's of messages at any event, and can be made any size.

Micheal Jackson tribute act the show is a 30 or 60 munite set of Micheal's biggest hits great show for any event please call for more infomation.

DJ Frames also offers for hire video Tribute acts. pictured  is  Elvis Presley, SKA Bands, Madness, ABBA, Bee Gees, Queen, Tina Tuner, Soul nights, Motown, 70's, 80's 90's acts plus 2000 right up to date.   plus  professional in after dinner comedy, Kissograms, Stripper grams,

Freddie Mercury  tribute on stage during his act   plus a legends show is 30 minutes long with Bob Marley, Blues Brothers, soul, Motown, Robbie Williams, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Ricky Martin can be all party or all upbeat.  

LED Light love signs for hire at your wedding they are in two differnt sizes 4ft high and the  5ft high love is white or  multi coloured please log onto facebook page for more info and pictures.

Santa's grotto  hire with santa and elf full room change or hire our inflatable grotto please call to book be quick dates are limited.

Santa's grotto

This was a school production for Pinocchio as you can see there is theatre lighting with screens and sound system, 12 DMX  lighting effects  with martin moving heads follow spot, at each end of lighting rig full set up 6 meters with video back drop's  for screen changes 25 foot long will cover full length of stage.  12 channel recording sound mixing desk,  with stage box, hand held & radio microphone's and full drum kit mics

DJ Frames biggest Jewish Wedding park lane hotel London the set up was 15 moving heads and up lighting walls and band P.A and DJ, Light up dance floor and a pink and white themed wedding.